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The Attorney Collaborative Network (“ACN”) is a national group of licensed attorneys practicing law in various areas – estate planning, probate, elder law, veteran’s benefits planning, Medicaid planning, family law, etc. – whose practices all center around the concept of wealth and estate preservation.
Value Added and Compatible Addition
The dozens of attorneys across the country who make up the Attorney Collaborative Network (“ACN”) understand that legal estate planning doesn’t provide the greatest end result for clients who are seeking a guaranteed estate plan.

The ACN Purpose

Our Why is a result of our What. The Attorney Collaborative Network (“ACN”) has been first-hand witness to many estate plans – not estate and wealth coordination. Clients walking out of a law firm without knowing how their financial plan, their retirement plan, their tax plan, and their insurance plan are all coordinated into their legal estate plan doesn’t provide them with the best service that can be carried out to them.
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Gain access to a retirement planning resource platform that was built by attorneys and advisors working together.

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Benefit from the same highly effective, significant-revenue driving client marketing approach used by the most successful estate planning attorneys.

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Stay competitive and stand out from the crowd.

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An elder law attorney can add retirement planning services to their practice by partnering with an experienced retirement planning professional and sharing any insurance commission revenues. There’s no sharing of estate planning legal fees, of course, and the attorney does need to obtain a life insurance license. Check out our products and services below.


In this highly competitive industry, your brand is one of the most effective ways to separate yourself from your competition. Your brand is the face of your business.


The key to a successful seminar is to have a solid process to follow from the inception of the seminar to the close of business with your new client.

Practice Development

A strong foundation is essential to anything being built. That holds true for a business just as much as it does for a building. We have the tools to help you stay strong.

Why Attorney Collaborative Network?

The Benefits of planning your Retirement and Estate plan Together

Much of estate planning is about wealth preservation for yourself, your family and your future beneficiaries. With this generation of retiring and retired clients responsible for deciding so much more about their retirement security, making estate planning and retirement planning decisions together can only improve the outcomes for both.

Near to or early in retirement magnify the client’s risk of running out money later in their lifetime. The timing
of equity and bond market declines is very important. If bad years for the stock market happen early in retirement, your nest egg may not last
your lifetime because you will be spending principal instead of income.

One consequence of having greater planning responsibilities and living much longer is that financial mistakes can have much higher costs and consequences. Whether one seeks professional advice or makes their decisions by himself or herself, the decision-making pressure today is much greater. That pressure does not make for better decisions. It’s probably better to have the advice of others, and especially when those others can be part of your team.

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