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Why we do it

Attorneys Practicing Estate Planning do so because they want to Help their Clients

Attorneys practicing estate planning do so because they want to help their clients to protect what they have (and will have) and to help provide better lifetime outcomes for their clients’ families. Retirement planning is increasingly close to estate planning.
The ACN Why

Our Why is a result of our What. The Attorney Collaborative Network (“ACN”) has been first-hand witness to many estate plans – not estate and wealth coordination. Clients walking out of a law firm without knowing how their financial plan, their retirement plan, their tax plan, and their insurance plan are all coordinated into their legal estate plan doesn’t provide them with the best service that can be carried out to them.

Retirement & Estate plans are better if they are well coordinated to help achieve common client goals.

In fact, not having this coordination only ensures that the clients – and their heirs – will have some level of headache when the legal documents are triggered in real-life and end-of-life scenarios. Because of this the Network decided long ago that in order to carry out one’s fiduciary duty in the most meaningful way possible, it would provide both legal and financial guarantees to clients.

What can you expect with ACN?

When you’re apart of ACN, you’ll be apart of regular:

Regular Training & Networking Events

about market events and how they may be impacting your money.

Valued Collaboration

with like-minded attorneys.

Access to Full Service Portal

including marketing materials, practice development, and seminar resources.


to learn something new and so some good work.
Our Proven Process will Prove...

Our Unique Program is Far More than Meets the Eye

Additional Resources

Gain access to a retirement planning resource platform that was built by attorneys and advisors working together.

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Benefit from the same highly effective, significant-revenue driving client marketing approach used by the most successful estate planning attorneys.

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Stay competitive and stand out from the crowd.

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